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    Eagle 01, 05, 10, 15, 20
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    Dina, Grayhound, Greyhound, Prevost, Gillig, Crown, AM General, Flxible, Flexible, and others . . .

    Detroit Diesel Engine, Sutrak air conditioners, AC, A/C, power steering, transmissions, drop boxes, differentials, 3rd members, alternators, starters, steering wheels, windshield wipers. . .

    Parts for Buses (Highway, Intercity, Charter, Transit),
    Motor Home Bus Conversions, Motor Coaches, Private Coaches,
    & Entertainer Coaches!

     TejasTejas Coach Works . . .    Located in north central Texas just 50 miles west of Fort Worth!

    Current Price as of 03/23/10
    Stock availability may fluctuate daily

    Appointments will be Required for any visits! We are not taking on any new projects currently.
    Tejas Coach Works is liquidating all assets from the last 40 years. Please refer to our Facebook page for inquiries,

    For all those still interested in the tips and tricks and knowledge base on this website, we will keep the information available for the foreseeable future, and will stay as a website, but the mission may change to other vehicles as opposed to buses.

    Special Bulletin! 09/08/09

    Is the Oil Pressure in your Turbo Engine TOO LOW??

    Engines that are turbo charged absorb a hefty percentage of the oil to lubricate the turbo.
    I have seen some that will not maintain 30 to 35 psi at max rpm after warm up.

    Delo 100 is also available in 50 WT. It will give a tired engine some more compression and bring up the Oil Pressure. The heavier viscosity oil will boost the oil pressure and at the same time it could increase your compression in turn helping the engine run cooler and possibly smoke a little less.

    This is not as good as an overhaul by any means, but It is a way to extend the life of an old engine, especially if you do not have the big bucks it takes today to overhaul. I stumbled on to this talking to a West Coast operator who indicated he had been using it for years and he was getting it from an Authorized Genuine Detroit Dealer. I have not attempted to purchase it through the Dealers, but did find some locally at an independent oil distributor.

    NOTE 1: If your engine is maintaining 60 psi at 70 mph and 15 to 20 psi at idle with a warmed up engine, you do not need this weight oil!

    NOTE 2: If you have a non turbo engine that has low oil pressure this will also work in it.

    Special Bulletin!
    Scarcity of Availability
    Straight 40 WT. Oils
    Information is now posted in NEW page Helpful Tips & Oil Information

    Instructions where to find Locations with MAP & PHONE links.

    Sulfated Ash Rate Comparison Chart Updated 08/30/06


    01, 05,
    10, 15, 20


    4104, 4106, 4107,
    4108, 4501, 4905


    MC5, MC5A, MC5B, MC5C,
    MC6, MC7, MC8, MC9




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    03/23/10 Stock availability may fluctuate daily
    eagle bus. coach. rv. buses. entertainer coaches. recreation vehicles. bus conversions. bus for sale. motor coach. motorcoach. buses for sale. entertainer coach. recreation vehicle. custom coach. eagle bus. bus shells. motor home conversionsTejas Coach Works      
    910 Pasadena Blvd.
    Mineral Wells, Texas 76067

    Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM    M-F
    to e-mail us, Click HERE  

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